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In the 7th district of Paris, 2010


This 50 sqm apartment, located in a 1970’s building has been completely redesigned with the destruction of most of the original walls in order to create an open & flexible space. The west facing plate glass windows allow the light to pass without restraint to illuminate this apartment ; Marie Christine in accordance with the owner of the apartment, keen design lover, has opted for strong colours and a tonic spirit. Sliding textile pannels which have been laser cut by Elitis are hindering the neighbours views across the street.

dorner design
J42A9645St guillaume.jpg
J42A9680St guillaume.jpg
J42A9709St guillaume.jpg
J42A9439-2 St guillaume.jpg
J42A9576St guillaume.jpg
J42A9541St guillaume.jpg
J42A9698St guillaume.jpg
J42A9504St guillaume.jpg
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