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Ligne Roset

A rufflette is a thick strip of tape which is sewn to the top of curtains so they can be gathered, to which curtain hooks can be attached.

With this suspended light, a tall rufflette is wrapped around the outer edges of the widest part of the shade and it is this which, by pleating the cotton chintz,

enables regular pleats to be formed on its two slopes.

A classic technique for a contemporary design.


Detail fermé Gd Angle.JPG
RUFLETTE Palais de Tokyo.JPG


Ligne Roset

A deep, multifaceted settee, the comfort of which is very apparent thanks to its articulated headrest and ''stretch'' stitching; it was designed to become a great international ''classic''.
The backrest uses an inverted chain system, which makes it possible to create a high headrest in vertical position, or a rolled-up one in combination with a lumbar cushion, or a less deep position. Note the magnificent stitching used to create an elastic mesh which enables an irreproachable look to be maintained whatever the position of the backrest and seat.


grand angle.jpg
Detail ouvert Gd Angle.jpg

This ''sunburst pleat'' holds the material tightly in place, enabling the back to roll up perfectly. The adaptive seat depth, maintains a consistency of appearance. The broad armrest is also designed to be sat on. The feather-filled lumbar cushions are dense, for a perfect fit.




Ligne Roset

3 panel screen, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship in solid walnut. To provide more or less privacy, the design of each panel is different, but when closed the design of the two panels created becomes identical...magic.




Ligne Roset

A fully rounded design which lends this chest with 3 large drawers a quiet sense of opulence. The dark walnut veneer, when combined with the ceramic stoneware, confers an attractive timeless quality.



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