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Ligne Roset

SUKI coffee table character comes from its generous top unusual shape.

Both zen and glamorous, this all rounded solid stained ash top, shows a soft touch edge which seems to flow down. A circular central glossy metal leg works as a discreet support.




Ligne Roset

The new CAMMA table is the round version of the oval marble original Camma. This more intimate and warm version comes from brand new materials, such as textured lacquered resin for the legs, still with an offset position, and heat treated solid oak for the top.

It’s still very generous with a 160cm diameter.











Ligne Roset

Sculptural Carrara marble table composed of three legs placed in the center of the table, positioned offset.
The design of the CAMMA table, named after a beautiful and courageous woman from mythology, inspires serenity and generosity.



Ligne Roset

Like mossy islands in nature, 70 circles of virgin wool tuft float on a background of woven cotton lines. Very geometric, this classic-looking rug is a dark horse: walk from circle to circle, jump over the circles; a nod to the child we remain at heart.



Collection PARABOLE

Ligne Roset

After the chest of drawers, the Parabole collection is enriched with a 5-drawer chest and a bedside table in dark walnut, with a top in white or black ceramic stoneware.



A rufflette is a thick strip of tape which is sewn to the top of curtains so they can be gathered, to which curtain hooks can be attached.

With this suspended light, a tall rufflette is wrapped around the outer edges of the widest part of the shade and it is this which, by pleating the cotton chintz,

enables regular pleats to be formed on its two slopes.

A classic technique for a contemporary design.


Detail fermé Gd Angle.JPG
RUFLETTE Palais de Tokyo.JPG


A deep, multifaceted settee, the comfort of which is very apparent thanks to its articulated headrest and ''stretch'' stitching; it was designed to become a great international ''classic''.
The backrest uses an inverted chain system, which makes it possible to create a high headrest in vertical position, or a rolled-up one in combination with a lumbar cushion, or a less deep position. Note the magnificent stitching used to create an elastic mesh which enables an irreproachable look to be maintained whatever the position of the backrest and seat.





Uncover, an ultra-comfortable, all-foam swivelling settee – light, compact, easy to use and move, for year-round cocooning! Settees and armchair: assembly of high resilience polyurethane Bultex foams of varying densities and polyether foam.








grand angle.jpg
Detail ouvert Gd Angle.jpg

This ''sunburst pleat'' holds the material tightly in place, enabling the back to roll up perfectly. The adaptive seat depth, maintains a consistency of appearance. The broad armrest is also designed to be sat on. The feather-filled lumbar cushions are dense, for a perfect fit.




A fully rounded design which lends this chest with 3 large drawers a quiet sense of opulence. The dark walnut veneer, when combined with the ceramic stoneware, confers an attractive timeless quality.





3 panel screen, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship in solid walnut. To provide more or less privacy, the design of each panel is different, but when closed the design of the two panels created becomes identical...magic.











The little MC2 occasional table, Ligne Roset’s first bronze piece, is an alliance of recycled metals, worked with great finesse.

The strength of the material contrasts with the apparent fragility of the base, suggestive of the legs of a young animal learning how to walk. 




1004uw copy.JPG


A lumbar cushion which wraps around the seat and comfortably envelops the back, this is the humble intention of this bridge, the self-effacing curves of which allow the table which welcomes it to shine in its own right. Various bases are on offer to suit varied contexts. 




Amédée bridge .jpg
1004on copy.JPG


The purity of its oval shape, the detail of its gleaming chamfering, the sinuous curves of the walnut shelf… the  Bienvenue mirror seems to be the avatar of the perfect butler, whose presence is at once agreeable and serviceable, anywhere at all.




T MAX.jpeg
1004uj copy.JPG
vases t GM.jpg


An XL version of the T vase in a new height of 33 cm and a new frosted finish (the small version is in a brushed/scuffed fininsh). When used in combination, the effect of these two vases is quite poetic.





    As with COVER 1, Marie Christine Dorner intended its cover to fit the structure like a glove, a second skin.  COVER, divested of its winter cover, becomes UNCOVER.
An ultra-comfortable, all-foam settee – light, compact, easy to use and move, for year-round cocooning!














The T vase is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship made from glass which is first blown, then scuffed. One of the branches of the ‘T’ takes the vase, with the others supporting stems or branches. Vases may be interlocked to create a compact group, made yet more interesting by the fact that T is available in 3 soft, harmonious and easily associable colourways.







AZABU is based around the creation of airy shapes in soldered metal wire. The AZABU range offers two heights of small occasional tables/containers, plus two lights composed of a wire base and a large opaline globe.





azabu table.JPG
Azabu lampe.JPG


The CATS stool is first and foremost a work based around solid wood and the notion of series.
Stackable in fours, the four seats are each engraved with the lines of a different motif;
the craftsman’s hand can clearly be seen here!





cats dessus.JPG








L’Imprévu is a settee which offers various depths and individual, adjustable backrests of various heights. This diversity of dimensions enables one to easily create ‘conversation’ corner groups, most notably when two settees are set at an angle to each other.
When pushed together and linked they offer a sleep area of 160 x 200 cm.

This capacity to suit all kinds of situations is unique.

Each settee is a landscape with a strong character, with its seat, backrests, cushions ; it is possible to use 3 different covering materials, which again reinforces its multiplicity of character.








Every part of the Alléluia low table shimmers, and this is what makes it quite abstract.

With two slim reflective surfaces top and bottom, separated by wide, shimmering uprights, it reflects the things which surround it.

A chameleon which is also useful for storing books and objects between its uprights, which serve by turn as supports and showcase.

3 dimensions : 120x120cm, 900x900cm et 130x70cm





A very soft rug, a weave of cotton with thick woollen tufts, infused with coloured threads which subtly increase lengthwise.

2 finishes : Ocre and Rose.






Sofa end table available in 2 different wood species.
Assembled from 36 blocks of solid structural timber.









The name COVER is just as evocative of the concept as it is of the function. The cover of COVER can be removed in a matter of seconds, making maintenance almost a pleasure.


Its quilted cover is the ‘plus’ version: more elaborate, more voluptuous, more...more!














Its cover offers a ‘lighter’ version with a very different geometric design.







Amédée is a settee and armchair combination, designed around a lumbar support which is quilted and stitched. The armchair may be rotating, and there is also a footstool for when it’s time to relax.







Entrèves collection of storage, encompassing a chest of drawers and bedside table : an audacious alliance of the straight lines of the structure/screen and the curves of the tops or drawers.





After ISO bridge in 2015, OSI is a small desk in the same spirit, with a larger space to accommodate a row of books to the rear.








Kotori means little bird in Japanese.

Small but agile : it balances and seems to bob and peck.













1 shape, 2 objects, 3 products,


“The shape is a kind of sphere. The objects are, on the one hand, a craftsman-made sphere of brass mesh, and on the other an identical opaline sphere


By superposing the two objects, one obtains a vase topped with a grid through which one could thread flowers, enabling one to make some really creative arrangements .


Individually, each object can also be a table lamp, with the opaline diffusing a soft, uniform light and the mesh projecting its shadow in a highly decorative fashion!”






Diam 25 H23.5







Diam 25 H24







Diam 25 H42








Mono-material, in two-tone anodised aluminium, this low table is designed as an architectural structure. Fifteen or so fine pillars, unevenly distributed, strech between floor and ceiling. The spaces between these pillars leave space for traffic. for piles of magazines, books and objects.


L130 P70 H35

L90 P90 H35

L120 P120 H35





A repetition of uprights and shelves, becoming smaller from left to right and from bottom to top, the volume of this shelving unit appears to reduce as if disappearing towards the ceiling. This effect creates a range of unexpected, interesting storage possibilities..


Two shelving units placed back to back created a double-sided unit which is both useful and fairly rare, thus giving rhythm to a space. In this configuration, the back panel is partially reduced, with small separation panels bringing both rhythm and rigidity whilst retaining a degree of transparency.


Single shelving unit - L120 P 37 H216

Double-sided shelving unit - L120 P74 H216







Column of 2 double-sided shelving unit









2 x single shelving unit
















How to reflect without aggression ?


The answer is, in "demi-teintes" (half-tones). These mirrors, either rectangular (to be hung up), or high version (to rest on the ground), enable the surroundings to be reflected in tones of greys or bronze, but also to clearly reflect whatever one seeks to see. One mirror can hide another !







Large mirror:

L80 P 4.1 H110







Small mirror:

L70 P3.9 H180







By night, this oval-topped walnut bedside table is a real piece of craftsmanship, with the possibility of placing objects at a range of different levels.

By day, it will also find a useful place in the home !


L50 P40 H60








New version outdoor of bridge ISO. Structure of base and armrests in  20x20x2 mm square-section tubular steel finished in Epoxy matt black polyester UV-resistant lacquer.


L52 P52 H81







New leg and color 2016






This sofa line combines a straight architectural outline with a soft and cosy inside. The squared topstitching covering the outside, keeping a sleek look, protects the comfortable interior seating and backrest. Such a classic was missing in CINNA collection, MCD 2015 is interpreting it in its own way








« The Koya desk is a refuge for working, concentrating, reflecting, imagining. With its fabric screens simply hung from rails, it becomes a hideout, a domestic cabin. Its architectured structure makes its own little universe in a loft or large apartment, the piece makes its own space. With or without screens, it enables one to create one’s own personal space around oneself, personalizing it by hooking up a light, placing a candle lamp on the shelf, adding a photo, books, putting one’s papers on the shelf beneath the desk top. It will appeal to adults and children alike. And the bird watches over this island of tranquillity.” »


Structure in natural or anthracite-stained solid ash, work surface and shelves in matching ash veneered MDF. Two vertical stems are in turned solid ash with decorative motif, the larger one being topped with a sculpted bird. These are in white-stained ash with visible graining in the case of the natural ash structure and in anthracite-stained ash with visible graining in the case of the anthracite structure.


As an option, the structure may be fitted with a set of 4 fabric screens, predefined by the designer.







W 120 D 65 H 179
Set of 4 fabric screens in option


The Iso small bridge, with its comfortably-padded seat and back, can thus slip into any environment whilst retaining its identity. The attractively-curving structure of the back, the finesse of its execution in blocks of natural or black-stained solid oak, its welcoming armrests all make it a discreetly elegant companion.


W 51,5 D 52

Back height 81

Seat Height 49








Timeless pedestal and low table with tops in white marble-effect ceramic stoneware,


Low table W 70 D 70 H 40
Pedestal W 36 D 36 H 48,5





The Phobos pivoting table is designed as practical object, an everyday servant which never strays far from the settee of which it is the extension. Its perfectly stable tripod base, shaped like the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module), is extended by a shaped arm which supports the pivoting top:

“It turns and approaches us, moving away just as easily. The Phobos occasional table is an attractive copper object, in perpetual movement, an amiable satellite.”







This is a brand new version of One Shape, in solid natural oak.







36 rectangular blocks of matt black-stained, sawn effect solid ash or moulded ceramic finished in white lacquer with expanded polyurethane injected into its interior for reinforcement.








Desk, bedside table, television or luggage table, coloured Corian tops and coated steel structure










Silk-screened glass top, chromed structure or yellow crashed glass.






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