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A complete restructuring of the building leads to the revival of this family holidays property. Built originally in the 1920’s, surrounded by centenary old pines on the beach, this villa enjoys outstanding views across the gulf of Saint Tropez.Cleared of the its old useless service areas, this villa has been redesigned with 5 master bedrooms, a sizeable living room and a smaller one for the younger generation. Fireplaces and a modern comfort allow a winter long off season occupancy.Furniture layout is a subtle mixture of old family pieces, antiques hunted at local flee markets in Provence, contemporary pieces bought off the shelves and custom made pieces designed by Marie Christine Dorner like beds with trestles and desks.The villa fitting has been made locally, and especially the big oak staircase which brings the spinal column to the whole building and the Library which contains a fresco by the the artist-ceramist Armelle Benoit

France, 2012


crédit photo Bernard Touillon


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