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Buses hub - France, 1993


Comissioned by The city of Nîmes and the Public Transportation Company

French Ministry of Culture, "Délégation aux Arts Plastiques"

Structural ingeneer: Alto group, Marc Malinowski


The program included a ticket sales pavilion, bus shelters, and pieces of furniture. The key idea of theMarie Christine Dorner’s project was to maximize the shade to the users in this hottest city in France.Therefore 600 sqm of stainless steel & prestressed canvas illuminating shelters have replaced the traditional bus stops.In order to structure the layout of the triangle shaped plot of land, Marie Christine designed 2 long scovers under which the buses are circulating.Each shelter module is square to mimick the frame of the ground imagined by the architect Sir Norman Foster. To enhance the readibility of the urban furniture, Marie Christine designed 35 m lines in ipe wood.Each duck-board has its own function : a seat, a bench, a bulletin board, a water fountain, a bin or a telephone boot. The glass pavilion is also positioned under the shelter


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