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Exhibition in Galerie Haute Définition, Passage du Grand Cerf, Paris / Idée Shop, Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan.


Ever since I have been designing furniture, objects ans spaces, I have always used the same three constructive elements:


The plane, mainly as a support

The curve, for its natural beauty and its ergonomics

The hollow for its emptiness, which attracts a passage through


During the research phase of "Une Forme, One Shape", I tried to free my mind of all archetypes and concentrate on designing a form which seems to me a harmonious synthesis of those three basic constructive elements and which opens up a myriad of possibilities.


Once I'd found that form, it became a simple game to come up with variations. Sit on a ring ? Walk through a serviette ring ? Nothing could be easier ! By simply adjusting its size and its material, the Form lends itself to all kind of uses.. from a piece of jewellery... it becomes a tray... a seat... a passage...


Be in good Shape !


There have been some masters characteristics shapes, or somebody's favourite shape in Japan. There is Rikyu Gonomi - an old tea master favourite taste. Here is Marie Christine Dorner's Shape, which is not only het favourite Forme, but more like herself. This shape will live as her style.


Teruo Kurosaki










photo credit : Jean-Baptiste Dorner

Pendant gold or silver

Prototypes by Vendôme / Japan, 2004

Ring one cut

Prototypes by Vendôme / Japan, 2004

Engraved crystal & black crystal ring with piercing

Handmade prototypes by Baccarat / France, 2004

Bracelet 2 cuts / Prototypes by Vendôme

Japan, 2004

Porcelain ring gold painted

Edited by Idée / Japan, 2004

Resin napkin ring

Prototype de Synthetix / France, 2004

Oriental pillow - black lather weaving cover

Made in Philippines by Idée / Japan, 2004

Bamboo fruit basket - limited edition

Handmade by Aura / Japan, 2004

Interior/exterior ceramic. Made by Soleil d'Ombre / France, 2004

Way Trough - Prototypes by Synthetix / France, 2004

Tabourets en mousse injectée

Prototypes de Synthétix / France, 2004

Small table - solid teak made in Bali (Indonésia)

by Idée / Japan, 2004

Rattan bench

Made in Phillipines by Idée / Japan, 2004

Stele - ceramic - limited edition

Made by Soleil d'Ombre / France, 2004

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